Bridging Open Work Permit

Bridging open work permits provides an opportunity to extend work permits to foreign nationals who have already applied for permanent residency and are waiting for a decision on the application.

To be eligible for BOWP, you must:-

  • live in Canada (and intend to live outside Quebec) at the time you apply for your BOWP
    • You can leave Canada while we process your application.
    • However, if you leave Canada after your work permit expires, you can’t work until your new application is approved.
  • either
  • be the principal applicant on your permanent residence application
  • have submitted a complete application for permanent residence and passed the completeness check
    • Submitting a profile to the pool is not the same as applying for permanent residence.
    • Make sure you understand how Express Entry works.
  • have your acknowledgement of receipt letter
    • We send this letter to your account after we get your permanent residence application