Word around for years continually suggests that Canada remains one of the top countries where small businesses thrive with numerous opportunities. There’s more than an iota of truth in these suggestions because clearly the westernized country boasts of an outstanding skilled labor force, well-maintained natural resources, and, of course, a sustainable government.

Investors looking to migrate their businesses to Canada have multiple Investor and Entrepreneur Visa options available for grabs. Interestingly, there’s more room to accommodate foreign startups with the general Start-up Visa Program designed to welcome their ideas and business ventures into Canada. If the business immigration application goes well, their families could immigrate with them as well.

Self-employed Immigration Program

In the Canadian self-employed immigration program, applicants with at least two years of experience are considered fit for the craftsmanship the economy needs. The two-year experience on any relevant skill must fall within a five-year timeframe before the time of application and decision date. Self-employed immigrants with exceptional artistic and athletic skills stand to get more points for the program when they have between 3-5 years of experience in these fields.

Start-up Immigration Visa Program

This immigration visa program specifically addresses the undeniable need for interested foreign investors to start up a business anywhere in Canada. Interested applicants and their businesses would, of course, have to meet the requirements of the start-up immigration visa program to qualify for the process. For starters, the intended business or idea must create jobs for Canadians, be of globally competitive standards, and innovative.