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Business Visas For Visitors

It is well known by now that foreign nationals across the globe who wish to enter and live in Canada require a Visitor visa except for the foreign nationals of the visa-exempt countries. Therefore even if a person is intending to visit Canada for business or he is a Business visitor, him/her to apply for a Temporary Resident visa (TRV) or a visitor visa to enter and stay in Canada.So, it can be called a Business Visitor visa. Business and Travel are the two faces of the same coin as they are closely associated. Business involves travel in most of cases and the travel frequencies may keep varying based on the facts and circumstances of one’s business. This is the scenario when this Business Visitor visa comes into the picture. A Business visitor in this case, is a person who visits Canada for International business but at the same time cannot enter the Canadian labor market.
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Business Visitor visa does not give you an access to the Canadian labor market. On the Business Visitor visa, one can stay for short- term business conferences, pieces of training, site visits, meetings and conventions, trade fairs, for rendering after-sales services for warranty and for business activities. So, a Business Visitor visa is completely different from the Canadian work permit at the first instance.

On the other hand, one will need a Canadian work permit if your company transfers you to Canada or if a Canadian company offers you an employment opportunity. You can also visit Canada in search of employment as a visitor.However, a work permit plays a pivotal role in your employment as only a work permit will allow a person on a visitor visa to work legally in Canada. Note that, only securing a job from a Canadian employer while being on a visitor visa is not sufficient to stay in Canada, this step should be backed by submitting an immediate application to secure a Canadian work permit before commencing your work. At the same time, the Canadian Visa office from the country of your residence/citizenship must have processed your application. Acquiring a work permit may seem like a daunting task for some. Therefore the easiest way through is by applying for Business Visitor visa or eTA (for foreign nationals from visa-exempt countries).

Furthermore, eTA is an electronic travel authorization for all air travelers from visa-exempt countries who are traveling to as well as transitioning through Canada. One can apply for an eTAthrough the Canadian Federal Government website. All you need to apply is a valid passport, credit card to pay fees and a valid email address. U.S. residents require I-571(US Refugee travel document) and I-321 (Permit to re-enter U.S.).