Canadian Experience Class - CEC

Temporary foreign workers in Canada are ideal people to apply for PR under the Canadian Experience Class category. One should have a valid one year of Canadian work experience in TEER category of 0, 1, 2 Or 3.

Canada is a cultural mosaic and it has been referred to as a society that respects and celebrates the culture of many nations around the globe. Everyone is dreaming of immigrating to Canada in the current era to avail of better educational opportunities and to live a better life. It can be seen that nowadays a remarkable number of students prefer to immigrate to Canada to study over there rather than studying in their home countries and this ratio has been drastically increased from the last 10 years. Canada has one of the highest per-capita immigration rates around the world.

There are several immigration programs which have been designed for the people who have a keen desire to study, work and settle abroad in Canada.

The candidates who are wishing to acquire Permanent Residency in Canada, they can apply under the express entry category.

Eligibility requirements of CEC

Applicants with better language ability both in English and French can get additional CRS points.

So, the process of applying for PR under Canada Experience Class can be seen in these simple steps –