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Comprehensive Ranking System for Canadian Permanent Residence

Comprehensive Ranking System score (CRS) is the overall immigration point score that checks your PR chances for Canada. CRS considers various factors while evaluating immigration points through Express Entry. The Comprehensive Ranking system score is calculated for the skilled migration categories. These are responsible for inviting overseas foreign skilled migrants to Canada. The migrants are invited to settle permanently in the country and contribute to the economy. You need to score higher points to be eligible.

What is Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS)? What is Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS)?

Comprehensive Ranking System is basically a points system. This points system assesses and scores an Express Entry profile of a candidate. This evaluation is done to rank the candidate against all the other candidates in the pool of Express Entry at the time of a round of invitations. As soon as a profile is created by the candidate on his/her online account, the system automatically assigns a CRS score to the profile. The score is based on the information given in the profile. The CRS score can be seen on your Application/Profile Details page of your online account.
Scoring high is crucial in the CRS to receive and Invitation to Apply at the time of round of invitations. Remember, higher the score, better are your chances of receiving an Invitation to Apply (ITA).


The maximum score that can be earned in CRS is 1200 points. The allocation of points is as follows:

I. A core set of human capital factors are considered. These factors usually drive economic outcomes (you can score upto 460-500 points here). The factors that are considered here are: Age of the candidate Level of education Official language proficiency Canadian work experience II. Spousal factors ( you can score upto 40 points) III. Transferable set of skills / The factors that interact to influence the core set (upto 100 points) IV. Other additional factors (upto 600 points). These factors include: A valid provincial nomination/ territorial nomination (upto 600 points) A qualifying offer of arranged employment is necessary (upto 50 points for all the occupations listed in NOC O, A and B. NOC OO is an exception here as you can score upto 200 points here) Canadian education credential (upto 30 points) In case, your spouse is not accompanying you to Canada, or she is a Citizen or a Permanent resident, you will earn points as if you are all alone. Let us have a quick run through the summary of maximum points per factor for the candidates in the Express Entry system. This is a breakup of points in a tabular format to understand things better.