Immigration Appeal

If you have received a negative decision in your immigration matter, whether it’s within Canada or outside Canada, there may be grounds for an immigration appeal process. Depending on the nature of the decision, you can appeal through the Immigration Appeal Division or the Federal Court of Canada. Whether your visa application has been refused or a removal order has been issued against you by the Immigration Division, any negative decision can be appealed.

Many decisions made by immigration officers, visa officers, and immigration tribunals are not always in accordance with the law, and a successful appeal can result in overturning those decisions. As an individual, you have legal rights, and it’s important to have a knowledgeable advocate who can protect those rights through a proper immigration appeal process.

Jeremiah Eastman has extensive experience handling appeals, having represented both Citizenship and Immigration and Canada Border Services Agency in the past, and now focusing on helping individuals like you who have received a negative decision in their immigration matters. Mr. Eastman will provide you with expert and honest advice, assessing whether there are grounds to appeal in your specific immigration case.

You can find a selection of the cases Mr. Eastman has argued on our website. We encourage you to review them and see the successful outcomes he has achieved. Contact us today for professional guidance and support in your immigration appeal process.