Spousal Open Work Permit

Our spousal open work permit program provides couples looking to work in Canada an authorization to get a job without necessarily having an employment offer. We help dependent spouses process their application for an open work permit in Canada. Since the permit is affiliated with Labour Impact Market Assessment (LIMA), we ensure the procedure follows the requirements of the agency. The LIMA and TEER work hand-in-hand to oversee the open work permit process in Canada.

To set the Spouses Open Permit application into motion, the principal worker ought to have at least a 6 months valid work permit. Alongside this major requirement, the principal worker must be employed in one of the occupations accredited by the Training, Education, Experience and Responsibilities (TEER) skill types. Alternatively, other technical or skilled trades that fall under this category can be considered fit for the permit. There’s the last requirement of physically residing in Canada while working.

Requirements for Spousal Open work permit:

Please contact us for detailed requirements and to assess your eligibility.